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    Hi guys! I have this problem since my first setup from 2017. The problem is when screen is suddenly changing from lets say green to red than leds are still green for some time until they turn red. My current setup is ESP32, apa102c/144 led pm with built in hyperion UI screen grabbing. In 2017 setup was with RPI, hyperion and whole lightberry ecosystem. Screw it, i may even delay my whole TV just to make LEDs keep up. But how should i do it? In near future i woud like to use external grabber. Rn im using 4k, 120hz HDR. Any ideas of what should i do? Like in the title its problem with stroboscopelike scenes. But it is where its the biggest issue for me. I have all smoothing etc turned off.

    pclin thx for advise. But what about latency? WLAN works only wireless right? WOudnt that add some latency to overall effect? Thats smth i want to avoid as much as possible. I would like to stick to the cables for now :P

    Hi guys, i have lightberry led conrtoler but cant make it work with hyperion. I saw some discusion about firmware update but unfortunly lightberry website is no more. Do You have needed file and instructions? Or maybe smth alternative? All i was able to find was web archwe but looks like smth wrong with it. My controller keep disconecting When ill try to update it.

    I also have this badboy i used with lightberry, it worked fine i guess. Not sure if it wasnt a bottleneck that gives me this lag. Can i use it? Or maybe i should buy smth else? For now i wasnt even able to make it work with hyperion website. I found some treads about that i need firmware update for controller but lightberry website is down... Anyone maybe have this file and instruction? All i was able to find was web archwe but looks like smth wrong with it. My controller keep disconecting When ill try to update it.

    Hi, at the begining sorry for my english.

    I once had lightberry config with APA102 144/m on my tv with HDMI grabber and Rpi3. This one:

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    It was cool but had one big problem. Latency. As You can see on the vid it was probably too much for rpi? Or maybe whole grabbing proces? Not sure. For what i need Your help is to eliminate this latency problem. Is it even possible? Guy from lightberry was sugesting me to built it with 2 systems instead of just one. Rn i want to use it mainy with TV conected to PC. I have some spare apa 102 144/m and would like to use it. But this time i want to give a try different solutions. For example would adalight be any better? I hope You can give me some advices.

    Hi, i know i should probably get golden shovel for this but i need your help. Theres so many infos that i dont know which config to chose. But for now, is there any newer sketch for apa102 and arduino? Rn this is all i have and i would like to test this config. All above isnt avaible anymore.