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    I've just bitten the bullet and ordered myself a raspberry pi 4 b+ kit.

    Thankfully I found one in stock from one of the official sellers. Wasn't cheap mind but at least it will have warranty etc.

    Slightly off topic but, I'm guessing now I would need a hdmi splitter and a usb hdmi capture card?

    Any recommendations for both?

    Sorry, I think described my setup wrong. Both devices are connected to the same network, the only difference is the PC is wired and the nvidia shield is using WiFi. Both are connected to the same router.

    Unless you mean they both need to be either wired or wireless?


    I'm new to this but managed to get my backlighting working on my TV for the 1st time last night.

    Really love the effects.

    My question is.

    I have installed hyperion on my PC as I'm not willing to pay the scalpers price for a raspberry pi.

    This all works fine for what is on the PC but, I want to also use it with my nvidia shield.

    I have installed the Hyperion Android Grabber downloaded from the playstore and them run automatic scan which doesn't find my server (pc)

    I have then tried adding my pc's ip address and the port for the protobuf which again, didn't work.

    Do I need to make an exception for Windows defender and / or does it matter that my pc is connected to lan but my nvidia shield isn't?