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    Thanks, I aint use outside grabber, as a matter of fact this tv goes on sell list now. I will try to buy new one, and use esp simple as that. Also android os tv is easier to use ?

    Thanks for your reply. After some time last night I think I found my problem. My tv is from 2017, lastest firmware update i think is 4.7.x but when tv was rooted i think I saw webos is 2.x.x . On github it said 3.5 is minimum. As far as I know there is not possible to update webos? Is there another way around to make ambient light, or I have to buy new tv (are new ones possible to root) :D Anyway thanks for your help

    Hello guys. I got esp 8266 and some addressable led strip. It work on wled. Also tv is from 2017 manually rooted, installed homebrew with piccap and hyperion ng. I need toutorial or some help step by step to make this work because I have no idea how to set up things. Any help would be good. Thanks in advance :)

    Hello everybody

    I am new here and noob :D Anyway I google around and find out homebrew, I root my tv LG OLED but from 2017, and that app where you slide for root didn't work, I had to use Putty and manual root my tv. I had big help on Discord Homebrew channel. Without them my manual root wouldn't be possible. I rooted my TV because addfree youtube. Then I discovered hyperion ng, piccap although i still not sure how to use them :D Anyway I am waiting my esp32 order, I have some addressable LED strip and power supply. Is there step by step tutorial for noob like me to connect all dots and make this happen? I will post my progress here. :)