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    I use Hyperion on my MacBook, whenever it's connected to my Desk-Setup with an external Monitor. That means to avoid unnecessary CPU usage and thus battery-consumption I need to quit Hyperion whenever I leave. However as it is I usually forget to do so.

    It would be great if Hyperion would recognise whether it's actually in use, and if not stop screen-grabbing to avoid battery drain. If it, for instance either recognise that the LED controller (in my case adalight) is disconnected (erroring out?) or by setting the display capture to a specific monitor by vendor & device IDs, and thus stopping capturing once that display is unavailable.

    It would be great if Hyperion could recognise wether the grabber outputs an no signal image and act accordingly. I'd suggest turning the Ambilight off in that case. However it would still need to monitor the grabber to recognise when an actual signal is available.
    I wrote a small AppleScript to control my local Hyperion instance. It can however be edited to support any external Hyperion installation as well.

    I thought I might share it. 😊

    Icon credits (02/17/2023):…60345/Hue-camera-icon.png
    To control other Hyperion instances open the app with AppleScript Editor, and replace localhost with your Hyperion's IP or hostname (like or Hyperion.local).

    I also made a Shortcut, which basically only runs the same AppleScript, though it might add some convenience fr some.