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    I got it working with an ESP8266 that runs WLED.

    Not ideal, because I want to run two strips in mirrored fashion... just duplicate in real time, but apparently that's not possible yet. WLED can run segments (I am using two pins on the ESP), but it doesn't allow Hyperion to see those. Hyperion can only stream as one long string.

    I guess I could just run another ESP for the 2nd string... Hyperion should be able to drive it like that.

    OK so I am close... I installed Armbian (basically ubuntu server) on the LePotato. I then SSH'd into that and installed Hyperion.

    I can access Hyperion via webGUI no problem.

    But as with PWM, you need to login as root user.

    I was able to restart Hyperion as Root, but no lights. And this is the Hyperion log,

    2023-03-04T00:31:43.392Z [LEDDEVICE|First LED Hardware instance] (DEBUG) (LedDevice.cpp:140:enable()) Enable device ws281x'
    2023-03-04T00:31:43.393Z [LEDDEVICE|First LED Hardware instance] (ERROR) Device disabled, device 'ws281x' signals error: 'Failed to open. Error message: Hardware revision is not supported'
    2023-03-04T00:31:43.394Z [LEDDEVICE|First LED Hardware instance] (DEBUG) (LedDevice.cpp:181:enable()) Device's enablement failed - Start retry timer. Retried already done [1], isEnabled: [0]

    Thanks for the reply.

    Using a cheap HDMI to USB grabber. I haven't tried video yet but I feel that will work fine as it's USB

    I also do have a wifi esp8266 with wled on it, and that works but I haven't tried connecting it to an rpi. Can I ask, is there any performance concerns running over the wifi network? Seems like a lot of overhead for a simple task... Id much rather run directly.

    That said, can I connect the esp8266 to the libre computer with USB ? Does Hyperion support that?

    Intention is to run Hyperion on a LePotato board, using PWM output (just like I do with my Rpi4).

    Installed Armbian and installed Hyperion on top of that.

    Able to login to Web GUI no problem, seems to have no errors.

    Can't SSH into Hyperion because it's on the same IP address as the parent OS, Armbian. Anyone have insight to this?

    Haven't actually tried hooking up LED's yet. I am guessing it won't work because nothing ever does the first time. But wish me luck?