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    I was probably making things too complicated. It does look like the built in capture will grab all 3 displays as one layout. Thou I tried to wrap my head around LED layout wiki but I just can't make sense of configuring it in text so I'll just have to do it this way, leaving out the 'gap' at the bottom/between my screens.

    Thanks for all of the suggestions however.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I may have found a way to setup the layout of my left/right displays:

    But I'm still struggling with how to assign the capture sources to those displays. When I first run Hyperion and then start the capture software I get messages about the connection to the server establishing. If I got into Hyperion under my display 1 layout I can enable live video and it shows my main screen. But if I switch to my display 2 or 3 layouts nothing shows for live video.

    The only other place I've found that seems to show a relationship between the layouts and capture sources is under Remote Control. But if I try manually select it there I don't see any changes back on the live video. Then even for my Display 1 live video stops working with an error 'failed to get device properties'

    Here's a drawing of what I'm trying to do. I have 3 monitors. After reading that there are some limitations using segments with WLED I figured for ease I would just use one per monitor. That way in Hyperion I could just configure 3 separate displays with their own config. But after spending some time with the layout editor I'm wondering if this will even be possible. You'll notice in my drawing I have gaps in the LEDs where the monitors meet each other. That seems to be a challenge in the layout editor.

    I just thought of another potential challenge. The screens on the left and right are in portrait mode. With the left one being 'flipped'. I'm going take a guess the capture software won't be able to deal with this as I don't see any settings for orientation.

    Hello, I'm new to Hyperion. I've been trying to read what I can and have done some testing with the software on my Windows PC. I have a few questions that I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Starting with...

    I've installed both Hyperion and Hyperion Screen Capture on my Windows 11 PC. I think I understand how to configure my 3 monitors in the Hyperion Screen Capture software. I know I'm getting some input in Hyperion because I can see my test LED strip (via WLED) blink when I move windows around on my screen. What I don't understand is the correlation between each monitor config in the Hyperion Screen Capture to the segments that I've created in Hyperion. What am I missing here? I haven't been able to track down much more documentation than this:

    Thanks in advance!