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    the grabber is kind of bad unless you're only looking at watching things with something like Kodi or Plex. Anything that has DRM will not work with the grabber. I tried going down that road, but Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ will not work with it.

    That calculator must be off because I have 15A and I get voltage warnings if I get the LEDs up past 85% and my display turns off. Or the Pi itself is pulling a bunch of voltage that gets me up over the 15A mark. Looks like I'll have to order a bigger PSU.

    Is there a way to set a maximum brightness for the LEDs? I have 300 WS2812's that I'm looking to power with a 75W PSU. This looks like it's going to require about 19A or so at 100% brihtness. Is there a way to cap the brightness of the LED's at say 75% to avoid this issue? Or should I just order a bigger PSU?

    Since nobody followed up, if anyone runs into an issue like this in the future, chop the barrel off the psu and wire it directly to the pi's usb cable and the led strip. I was getting a solid 5v this way, when with the connector I was only getting 4.8 or so and the pi was giving me errors.

    I installed hyperion with the instructions from here

    Install Hyperion | Hyperion

    It's trying to load the web interface, but I see the following errors in the logs. This used to work fine, but now even after a fresh install it errors. Is my memory card corrupted?

    Aug 11 15:57:02 retropie systemd[1]: Created slice system-hyperion.slice.

    Aug 11 15:57:02 retropie systemd[1]: Started Hyperion ambient light systemd service for user pi.

    Aug 11 15:57:03 retropie hyperiond[5418]: malloc(): corrupted top size

    Aug 11 15:57:03 retropie hyperiond[5418]: Hyperion caught signal :SIGABRT

    Aug 11 15:57:03 retropie hyperiond[5418]: 2023-08-11T15:57:03.468 |__| DAEMON : <ERROR> Lock/unlock handler- Session bus is not connected

    Aug 11 15:57:03 retropie hyperiond[5418]: Lock/unlock handler- Session bus is not connected

    Hi all, I'm at the very beginning of my hyperion journey and am at a loss. I have a pi4 that I installed retropie on and then installed hyperion in that image. I powered the pi with the offical rpi adapter for configuration and everything seems to be working so far. I can load up retropie, I can get to the hyperion gui, I even added in a capture card and an hdmi switch and got everything configured and without hooking up the leds, everything else seems to be great.

    The issue comes in when I switched out the power supply as I will need more power to power my ws2812b's with 300 leds. I got everything wired up, and the pi wouldn't even power on. I figured I'd eliminate some pieces to see where the issue lies and I got it down to the most basic setup, and while it boots I get the lightning bolt symbol that means it's not getting enough juice. All I have plugged in at this point is the power supply, plugged into a barrel connector which I wired up to a sacrificial usb cable. Then the only other thing I have on the pi is the hdmi cable out to the tv. And it still shows the lightning bolt.

    Does anyone have any idea what might be causing my issue? The PSU should have plenty of power at 5v 15A.