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    I have a similar question, but i dont gonna use the hyperion for tv, since i have a rp2 old thing without use, i want to put 2 led strips in a console cabinet, and individual control them with hyperion, any tutorial that could help me?
    i already use the search thing and is a lil hard to find.
    My main question is: in what GPIO i connect the second led? because one goes to the 18 right?
    beside that question:
    - the hyperion home assistant integreation could help me to control both stips and change colors?

    To be honest, Im really new at this so i hope this help

    1. debug log

    Note of the logs, i dont know it said 14h on nov 07th, when is yet 11am (any way to change the hours in the hyperion?


    If the TV is switched off and the LED does not go out, it is because WLED does not switch the LED to black when the ESP no longer receives power from the TV.

    How i change this?


    If the LED turns on at night can you connect to WLED, if so what is the status?

    nothing, like just on.


    How did you set up WLED in Hyperion?

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    This is what i mean with the time diference:

    Sorry for bother here
    , but i have a few questions.
    What i have

    1. Hyperion running on ubuntu on a server
    2. HDMI video capture
    3. WLED on a nodemcu (LED is power via a psu, and the board powered by the TV)
    4. Home Assitant integreation (just config, because i dont know what more to do with it)

    How the signtal go to video capture, i have 1 switch that have chromecast (psu powered) + android tv (psu powered) + ps4 conected, then go to a splitter, to tv and server

    My problem:
    Sometimes in the middle of the night the leds turn on

    i think maybe powering the chromecast with the tv could solve the problem, but i dont know why randomly at 4am turn on the thing

    other thing that happend is that the TV turn off but the lets dont