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    Sorry I don't want to seem dumb or anything, but I was looking around for some ambient light management with all my Home Assistant automation. Someone pointed me here to this project. I've read the Documentation through, but I don't get how the system gets a video signal? There doesn't seem to be anything in the docs about that. I understand the led driver side and my initial playing around with the software and the hardware interface for the leds and that all seems straightforward. But... like how does the video signal get sent to my Raspberry Pi? My setup is fairly simple. A Rotel RSX-1562 and it's inputs are just a Rotel CD14, Panasonic Reference BluRay, and a Roku. So I have a lot of control over configuring inputs and outputs on my central receiver. But my Raspberry doesn't have anything like a video input. I saw some posts on something called a looper or something? If there is other Documentation I'm missing or something I would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction.