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    Still I'm so freaking confused:

    OUT1: Splitter with EDID 1 to TV, 1 to grabber/capture device. This will result (unless buying the Dice) in loss of CEC, ARC and still will result in max 4K60Hz.


    OUT1: To TV

    OUT2: Grabber with 4K/60Hz, downscaling to 1080P will also result in max 60Hz on HDMI1 if I understood the explanation from you in another topic well. But I will have CEC and ARC still.


    Best, Bastiaan


    I'm looking for the same "solution" and thought it over many times.

    Would this work perhaps for our Denon 2700 AVR perhaps then?


    HDMI 1 out to TV to not loose CEC, ARC etc?

    HDMI 2: EDID capable device (EZ-SP12H21) that EDID's to 1080P for a grabber.

    The "handshake" is still there, but I doubt if this works.

    Another option would be to have a 4K 60hz capable grabber on HDMI2, but then you don't have full potential from XSX or PS5 I guess.

    If I am correct, pclin already answered in an older threat (2021 or so) that the HDMI 2 highset option, will force the HDMI1 to output that signal.