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    Try to execute the command several times in succession. My HDMI Capture Card brings only a useful picture after repeated executions.

    Tried a lot of times, same result. May be it's because I'm not using hdmi capture card as this thread states, but simple composite video grabber with only mjpeg supported?

    How many power supply points do you have on your led stips?

    1 :) But when I tested red/green/blue/white colors all is fine. Can power issue produce not-solid color when white color is ok? I mean all pixels look powered well and I can imagine problem with data signal, but why with power?

    Can you please post your config?

    Attached file.

    Hello @Paulchen-Panther. I was a bit busy this week, but I finally came and checked changes.
    First of I tried to make screenshot again using hyperion-v4l2 and had no luck. Even when I specified pixel format mjpeg (which now is valid) I got small black rectangle.

    Then I tried hyperion. Changes I noticed:

    • Now I'm able to change capturing device without getting errors.
    • Also video standard option was changed, Earlier it worked only in auto mode, now it works in any mode (testedall) without any difference.
    • After hyperion startup leds isn't working until I will "restart" led device from web-gui.

    Also there are links to docs, that are closed from guest and hasn't registration. I tried to understand what is "led layout" and I had to do it myself.

    Finally I have question most likely not related to your branch. I tried to calibrate colors and did it with one remark. Yellow color is too red, but only on two edges. And I don't know if I calibrated it wrong or not. Can led strip connection affects colors, but doesn't affect whole led brightness? If it's not connections issue, then I should do calibration for only two sides?


    I compiled branch and tried to get screenshot:

    Seems I missed some additional parameters for mjpeg, but for uyvy I got screenshot without any additional parameters.

    Then I launched hyperion, enabled usb capture and live video began working without problems:

    But if I will make some changes to USB capturing configuration I'm getting alot of errors in output until restart of hyperion (in this case I just changed /dev/video0 to auto. Live video still working).

    [hyperiond V4L2:auto] <ERROR> Throws error nr: VIDIOC_DQBUF error code 16, Device or resource busy

    Also if I will change Video standard to something different than auto, I'm getting black screen in live video, regardless what setting I chose and what video standard is set on grabber.


    I was unlucky and got grabber with only supported mjpeg pixel format.
    Is there any updates to adding support of mjpeg to hyperion?

    Right now I'm using workaround, created virtual device via v4l2loopback and converting mjpeg to uyvy, but it eats 15-20% of cpu.