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    another day another issue

    as mentioned before i have set up hyperion as my exclusive "driver" for all my living room lights. When hyperion is not doing its magic putting the TV image to the lights i use the Home Assistant integration to control the lamps.

    this works all fine and well. The lamps show up, i can turn them on and off and with the color picker/wheel of HA's own hyperion integration i can change colors.

    The problem is: all of that only works at 100% brightness. The way home assistant handles the integration/color picker is via a RGB color wheel PLUS a brightness slider. Now while the color wheel works just fine to change color the brightness slider does nothing -- obviously because this is not how hyperion handles brightness wanting absolute RGB values

    there used to be a different color picker in Home Assistant that would solve this issue for me (see screenshots) but the new color picker does not have white/black values.

    long story short: does anyone have an idea how to add brightness controls to the Home Assistant hyperion integration? Either by bringing back the old color picker or some other elegant voodoo magic?

    screenshots (not mine)

    (old color picker)


    (new color wheel)



    as always thanks for the quick reply!

    i have read the documentation but still couldn't ifnd anything about chaining multiple commands or maybe i just misread it. could you maybe give me an example from which i can work my way towards a solution? thanks!


    i would like to clear priorities for instance x,

    so i need the following two commands chained together:


    "command" : "instance",

    "subcommand" : "switchTo",

    "instance" : 3





    "command" : "clear",

    "priority" : 1



    .. alas i am too stupid to figure out the correct syntax apparently. Both commands work individually but that will only clear priority for instance 0. Advice would be much appreciated. thanks!

    ihr knnt (zum testen) auch einfach via ssh/bitvise die neeun (entpackten) backends in den entspr ordner kopieren und vorher die funktionierende version backuppen. so mach ichs immer, das erspart kryptische befehlsorgien :)

    chmod nicht vergessen danach god i think i figured it out with the transitions:

    it is nothing to do with hyperion. when i play around with the hue app drag my finger over the color wheel in lower brightness areas i get the exact same "flickering" transitions.

    but the best part: this is only with the (newer) 1100lm lamps (from 2020). I just got my 806lm lamp (2019) and low light transitions are absolutely smooth and there is no stuttering/flickering

    what the hell philips? :(

    i did some more testing over the last couple of days.

    - i couldn't really get brightness factor to limit max. brightness w/o sacrificing overall brightness. So if it is not a huge hassle to reimplement max-brightness setting that'd be much appreciated. the brightness "stepping" (for the lack of a better word) also seems pretty extreme. What i mean is if you have a an averagely bright scene the lamps stay pretty dim, which i quite like. However if there is a cut to a bright scene the lamps will shoot up in brightness extremely for me which is somewhat uncomfortable on the eyes.

    - my biggest concern though is the rapid transitions. this is not so much apparent when watching a movie but when playing a game you often have the situation where you turn the camera rapidly causing the lamps to almost flicker, trying to keep up w the changes in lighting/colors in the corners. With the yeelights you added some very helpful settings like 'transition time' , 'latch time' etc which helped preventing this rapid transitioning in certain scenarios. Unfortunately playing around with smoothing alone didn't solve this issue for me. Are there any settings akin to the aforementioned for the HUE lamps? Or would it at all be feasible to add similar settings to the ones described above fromm the yeelights to HUE?

    ah hi lord grey! thanks for the reply and sorry for jumping the ship on the yeelights despite your stellar work -- they just kept crapping out of LAN control :(

    okay thanks for the clarification. i figured it was a variable that all brightness values were multiplied by. played around with it a bit yesterday and i was under the impression that it also lowered the overall brightness in low-light scenes

    thanks again for the reply; firmware update actually improved transitions a bit

    i have a question though:

    is there a way to change peak/maximum brightness of the lamps? according to the documentation there shuold be a setting for that but in my configuration i can only find brightness factor which doesn't help.

    the issue is that with bright scenes on the TV the lamps light up too bright for my taste. Everything else (i.e. darker scenes) are just fine. This is why the "brightness factor" setting isnt really helpful for me , i'd just like to cap the maximum brightness

    thanks for the replies guys!

    i think i will give it a try and see.. the offer is just too good to pass :)

    anyway my setup is two lights front left/right (1100lm) and two lights back/behind (1100lm + 800lm). Since i won't be looking at those directly anyway i guess a slight mismatch won't be much of a nuisance. will report

    oh btw. HUE app says i should update firmware on my bulbs. Is that always advisable with Hue lamps? might seem like a stupid question but coming from the yeelights there were some firmware updates that broke more than they fixed (esp in regard to lan control / hypreion)


    i recently switched from my Yeelights to HUE Lamps (normal e27 bulbs color). Got a starter kit with three lamps (1100lm) and i love their integration and performance in hyperion --kudos to the team!

    However i need one more lamp. I have the option to get an older one with 806lm relatively cheap. Is this advisable? Will the 806lm harmonize with the 1100lm? Or will the brightness/luminance/saturation be "uneven" between generations?


    reply much appreciated.


    misunderstanding: i meant that uninstalling apps helps shorten startup time IF quickstart is already disabled (vs. having qs disabled and a lot of apps installed)

    ofc quickstart enabled should in general be faster than quickstart disabled (even though for me it didn't make any observable difference)

    we talked about this on discord before; but people might as well try turning off quickstart. i know this is not the same for every user but for me it literally made ZERO difference in terms of startup time. and with quickstart disabled the TV properly terminates all running processes when you turn it off

    oh and get rid of all the unnecessary bloaty webos apps that you don't use if you experience slow startup after disabling quick start.

    friend of mine just reported this drastically reduced startup time w/o quickstart enabled (makes sense if you think about it)

    just a word of caution: if you're planning to get the C1, get it NOW , manually update to the latest _exploitable_ firmware and root it. afterwards block all updates.

    reason: rootmytv is no longer possible with latest firmware (and the developer has no ETA when or if they'll have a new exploit ready at least any time soon)

    pclin i totally agree about wled being superior in terms of features but i also already have a working setup with the RPI connected to the APA102 directly via GPIO and i don't want to rip out all the carefully laid cables :D

    plan is to install piccap on the C9 and then just forward to the RPI running Hyperion. i hope i'll find the correct resolutions and all that jazz to make it run properly.

    one question though: is it advisable to install piccap directly or that unicapture (?) build -- tried following discord but didn't quite catch that