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    or do they have to have the loop feature?

    they will probably work with Hyperion.NG , no this type are not LOOP devices

    you can use LOOP capture device if you want but its not obligated

    most people use the LOOP capturing because it saves a splitter

    Thanks everyone for your help. I just think its the cheap capture card but I'll leave it plugged in from now on.

    i have a Nvidia shield TV PRO 2019, mine with CEC and sleepmode does perfect shut off tv and receiver so i had a feeling already it wasn't your shield :)

    good you found the problem.

    if you want to capture outside the Windows environment with USB capturing then you have to do it different.

    It's possible to capturing the desktop/ live feed on the screen(s) on Windows and send it with PROTO buffer protocol to your PI over the network. You need a special capturing program for windows for that, you can download / install and configure correctly.

    Then the PI translates that signal into steering of the leds, settings you can see at capture devices

    Do you thinks its possible to have a lets say 2 meter long cable like the mentioned one between pi/ powersupply and the leds?

    yes i did a test with that myself, you have to use special cable for that and not the AWG standard type.

    you need twisted pair like CAT6 type FTP/UTP, thats 4 pairs of diffrent colours.

    then you can use

    blue pair; GND

    orange pair; +5volts

    green wire; SPI or PWM

    white of green; CLK signal

    shield/litze; also GND ( to keep interference out)

    my setup is 5 meters away and is no problem

    Thx in advance

    i have almost the same setup> size decimation at 3/4 and SPI bus baudrate at 1400000 should do it

    not the same as the picture > thats a example of maximum baudrate (250 Mhz)

    more tips in above link.


    if i am not mistaken ( i don't have that option also in Hyperion.NG 2.08 Alpha Windows) then on Windows Hyperion the capturing trough USB was not supported yet.

    i have version

    Build(HEAD detached at 08909b8a) (Paulchen-Panther-75963ca9/08909b8a-1600115237)

    and its not there.

    You can do it with platform capturing ( takes a screenshot of the environment desktop) in Windows

    As soon as they were cut, the leds stopped working and I've been facepalming since then


    you made a shortcut between +5volts and GND,

    if you are misfortunate then the PSU and PI will be gone.

    it seems like your PSU but can be anything, why o why cut cables when power is attached,

    and in first place > that cables you've cut they are meant to provide (extra) power to the strip.

    can i use both Instances at the same time?

    in theory yes, if you have the ledstrip connected to the PIN the second one has to be connected to another PIN.

    i didn't experiment with that myself, but what you can do

    whats the kind/type of ledstrip that you have? You have probably two ws2812b strips yes?

    the first instance/ledcontroller is PWM ws281x [GPIO 18 [PIN 12

    the second you can take SPI controller ws2812 [GPIO 10 [PIN 19

    make sure the SPI device0 is activated in config.txt


    then it should work, let us know if this is okay :)

    Lighting-guy77 Please remind me... which PR# you are referring to?

    with the smoothing problem> smoothing enabled in Json disrupts the whole file thus Hyperion doesn't steer the lights anymore

    It appears to be working now. I disabled "smoothing" and the lights turned on and started working

    pull request is still not implemented in Hyperion 2.09 Alpha Lord-Grey ?

    seems the problem is there still in the build?

    its only a question ofcourse :)

    Quote from MrMoosieMan When I go to the directory "/etc/systemd/system" directory I do NOT see a file named "hyperiond@.service"

    you have to do that in SSH/terminal > if you go directly to desktop GUI of the PI then CTRL+h shows hidden folders.

    i looked in mine and its empty too, i think that its not implemented and therefor necessary in my build/your build.

    I am running SPI and don't need the ROOT permissions, but i am sure there's a way to set it automatically so Hyperion will start up as root.

    or a diffrent workaround, but i don't know that.

    There's also a separate duplicated red VCC and black GND lead with unprotected wires at each end.

    That wires is the same > its double jointed to make powering the strip easyer

    Are these ends for me to directly connect to the PSU and provide a common ground to my RPi4?

    yes more then one common ground ( GND PIN) is good to use. So ground PSU to ledstrip, and ledstrip to Raspi

    Is a common ground with the RPi4 needed for this end as well?

    you can never have to much grounds on DC voltage , but you can have to less and then problems will occur. > flashing/flickering

    What is the best way to connect USB cables to a small PSU unit such as this?

    USb cables?

    The PI has a USB-C connection which draws 2.4 Amps max ( i reality i think not even 1,5 Amps) Its better to use a standard PSU that belongs to it or...........

    you can splice up the cable and try to power it from your Meanwell PSU, or,

    you power it directly on the PINS, which is more hazardous in case of shortening etc etc..

    i didn't have the opportunity yet to "play" with a PI4

    no there is not, the pads are there to solder wires to> when you cut the strip and you have more than 80 leds then power from both sides is the way to go.

    if you want clean/nice colours this is the way to go> reason is that current which flows trough a LED has a huge impact on the colour the LED will provide. The less current and the more the colours will differ, because every LED is in fact a mini resistor the current can not flow at certain point any more and you get discolourations in the rest to the end of your strip.

    i will always recommend to power from both sides if the strip is in one piece. :)

    note; and ofcourse the PSU is also really important > a clean, steady and good rectifier/PSU does wonders for a ledstrip/PI

    yes, of course.

    this goes for if you had the strip only shortened at the end to match the lenght of the tv

    You have your begin of the strip> it has a connector thats connected to the solderpads

    now at the end where you had cut the strip, you need to roughen up the solderpads and solder on +5volts and GND a wire,

    VCC = +5volts

    GND= ground

    these wires you connect also to your powersupply.

    with this setup you are powering the leds from both sides which helps the discolourations