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    I have almost the same setup (WLED) and I have the same problem sometimes (but I would say once a week, durring a few minutes).
    I definitely think it's a wifi related problem, too much traffic causing latency.

    Could you tell me you are connect RPi3 + TV to the LAN (Internet ) and WLED are connect via wifi ? I saw in the lasts topics you are used esp32 from china (I have this one ) and you replace to the Wemos d1 ? Any upgrade to the performance ?

    Hello !
    First of all thanks Hyperion team for amazing project, you are awesome !
    I have a issue with working hyperion on my TV. Led's lighting very fast, but sometimes after 5 min. or 3 min. I got 3 sec. lag on the LEDS(last frame). After that lag, hyperion works good and after about 5 min. I got again short lag.
    My setup:
    Raspberry pi 3B - 2.0.0-alpha.9 - wifi connected
    ESP32 - ws2812b [230LEDS] -WLED 0.11.1 - wifi connected
    Sony 55 xd7005 with Android Grabber[30fps/100 priority] - wifi connected

    I'd like to add when I change fps 60/30/25/15 nothing changed. I don't know why but when I change to the 15 fps I got more lags then 60 fps (maybe that was to short for tests).
    Maybe that is problem with wifi, but without lags led's working quite fast.
    Debug logs nothing present only my conection to the hyperion GUI :

    WLED sync options :

    Hyperion Smoothing and black bar options :

    Try this example :

    ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev

    Hello, Today I got my leds ws2812b.
    I want to use it for my hyperion installed on raspberry pi 3b+. I don't have a hdmi grabber, I want to use Android Grabber.
    What's the best way to connect LED's ?
    I'd like to add first think to connect was wled(esp32) ->USB(adalight) ->Raspberry pi but on my pi is some problems with USB and all of USB's doesn't have power.

    P.S I bought 4m ws2812b for 55 inch TV.

    Update: Now controlling WLED over USB using adalight interface and all delays are gone. Incredibly responsive. See post below.

    I didn't understand how to connect WLED that means ESP32 over USB to raspberry PI. Could enyone explain me how it should be work ?

    Yesterday I plugged in the WLED directly on the Pi4 over USB and used adalight interface to control the LEDS over UBS instead of UDP. The difference is night and day! The delays are completely gone and the LEDS are way more responsive. I can't believe I didn't try this from the start. I guess I was already impressed by the initial outcome :) See updated post. Here's an updated video streaming a 1080p Netflix movie:

    So that means USB -> microUSB , Raspberry pi -> ESP32, and you power ESP32 via USB from raspberry PI ?

    Which white do you choose ?
    (RGBCW 6000-6500K ;RGBWW 2700-3000K ; RGBNW 4000-4500K), this LED strip have differences white colors. SK6812 in 60 leds in 1 meters it's enough ?

    In this post Admin wrote some reviews about LEDS…which-led-is-the-best.35/
    I saw in other specifications SK9822 was choosen. People writes that WS2812 is problem to connect directly to raspberry pi and you have to use arduino/esp32 or something like this but for me that is not a bug it is a future :p ( You have wireless connection and you can control LEDS with home automations). Look at this config…rpi4_4gb_and_hyperion_ng/
    I'd like to add WS2812 is 50% cheaper then APA102's. I'm still looking too for good's and cheap LEDS.