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    This looks great!
    What USB grabber do I need to buy? So this is including HDR?
    I looked at your thread, and I don't want to use a windows build. I am running everything on a raspberry pi and have my xbox running through a HDMI splitter/down scaler.
    The solution works that @Vassilli recommended with the second Xolorspace splitter as this strips the HDR content, but i am currently converting HDMI to RGB then into a RGB usb capture card but the quality is really low.
    I bought a USB grabber today, and tried it but there is a lag between the video and LEDs, so I am sending this back.

    I just need a good USB HDMI grabber, and maybe i can skip buying the second Xolorspace splitter if your software supports HDR?

    In the Web UI change the resolution to 800x600 and it will stop the lag

    @Davy For lag testing on HDR content here you have one:
    and grabber is set to much higher resolution then in samples from this post without any decimation. And yes, resolution does matter for the quality.

    Thats perfect it's exactly on time it could of just been the images on screen he used my eyes were fried

    Your timing looks way off not sure if it's what u recorded think its way to jumpy to tell but ur colours definitely look delayed

    Can u do a diagram of how each is connected I have the same splitter and capture as yourself so the only other item I need is the xolorspace but Id like to see exactly how it's all connected