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    Hello guys.

    Problem solved.

    I remake the connections in the upper right corner and solved it. The CI connection was not with good continuity and I re-soldered. At the moment it is running at full speed without any type of flickering.

    I want to thank everyone for their help, especially to TPmodding for their patience and cooperation.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Happy Easter to all.

    Ledtou Yes I know. And this is how it is.

    TPmodding When there is only one color there is no problem. I noticed even when I use an effect if the brightness is at maximum there are no problems, if you reduce the intensity the leds start to flash.

    With 1 color 100% brightness


    With 1 color 80% or less brightness (blinking)


    More than 1 color effect with 100% brightness


    Will it be a problem connecting the led strips on the right and bottom?


    my apologies for my silence, but unfortunately I caught COVID19 and I was down.

    Now I am recovered and back to this project. I already made the connections and the leds work but the image on the right side, and bottom right, shows flickering.

    (please see all clip 30s)

    Gif sampe clip

    If you see this little clip after a few seconds, the image on the right side will start to shake. It is to repair yourself even with the still image the leds are on this side.


    What could it be? Any configuration or connection problems? In GPIO I only connected Ground and MOSI and SCLK. Pi is being powered by the original power.

    Yes I use pin 19 and 23.

    About your question..

    'If you look at remote section is the LEd device running'

    I don't understand... In Raspberry our Led strip?

    Maybe I already have the LEd strip burned or something like that.


    Thanks for your reply.

    But I don't think it's a Raspberry problem, because I've tried it with another Pi2 and it's still the same. Unfortunately I think the LEd strip may have broken .

    Hello I need help please. I already had the system working, however I moved house and now I can't get Hyperion to work with Hyberbian.

    I have APA102 leds strip connected to the Raspberry 2b, with a LogiLink grabber with the USBTV007 chipset.

    I've tried all the settings but I can't get them to work.

    I already think that I will have damaged the leds or even the raspberry since no led lights up.

    There is some way to test and why it works?

    I have already measured with a multimeter and apparently everything is fine, but nothing works. Are there any tests I can do?

    Thanks a lot.

    My installation and configuration





    CMVAC... nada... nem com as tuas definições consegui o que quer que seja. Muito obrigado pela ajuda, porém devo mesmo ter algum problema com as ligações ou com o PI.

    Não encontro outra explicação.

    Obrigado pela resposta.

    O meu Grabber tem o chipset USBtv007 e ele sempre funcionou.

    Eu começo achar é que ou tenho mau contacto nos GPIO ou então algum dos fios que liga o Pi à fita podem estar ou mal soldados ou com algum problema. É isso que vou testar entretanto ao mudar os cabos, porém já medi com multímetro e os fios têm continuidade por isso nem sei o que diga...

    As definições estavam em automático em tudo.

    Vou tentar alterar para as que têm para experimentar.

    Obrigado e cumprimentos...

    Entretanto dou feedback.

    Boas precisava de uma ajuda. Já tive isto a funcionar mas ao fazer umas mudanças tive de desligar tudo e agora já não funciona.

    Tenho o sistema a correr num Pi2b com o Hyperbian, ligado a um grabber.
    A fita é uma APA102.
    Neste momento acho que já experimentei as configurações todas mas não consigo sequer ligar os leds (os mesmo estão a funcionar porque já tentei no arduino)

    Nas configurações USB Capture tenho tudo em Automatico mas não dá nada.
    As ligações ao Pi supostamente estão bem feitas.
    Di - MOSI
    Ci - SCLK

    Já estou a dar em doido, já pondero que o gabber ou o conversor HDMI to AV tenha ido à vida....
    Mas também já testei com um HDMI video capture mas o resultado é o mesmo....

    Qualquer ajuda será bem vinda.

    Já tive a funcionar na versão antiga com o Hyperion e com o Libreelec, assim como com o Hyperbian como mencionado em cima... ou seja já não sou novo nestas andanças mas confesso que estou prestes a dar em doido :)

    Muito obrigado por qualquer ajuda que possam dar.


    PS: uma pergunta parva... a TV tem de estar ligada? Eu acho que não porque a fonte do HDMI é a minha XBOX. E como tenho a TV no chão para fazer os testes aos leds, não a consigo ligar....

    Hello I have a problem after installing the latest version.
    The leds only give white color when processing the image.
    In the previous version everything was working correctly so I think it must be some wrong configuration that I have.

    My hardware:
    Raspberry + APA102 + USB Grabber (USBTV007 chipset) and an HDMI2AV converter.

    In the Image Processing area I have Multicolor and in the USB Capture area I put it as USBTV or Automatic
    Enable USB capture only.

    When I do the effects tests they all work correctly.
    What could be happening?

    Thanks a lot for the help.

    Sorry guys, not yet.
    I only have access to the Dashboard if I am in command line with the command

    hyperiond --userdata /home/pi/.hyperion

    If i close Putty, the password field will appear on the web page.

    I put "hyperion" in the password

    And appear the message
    No Autorization


    pkill hyperiond

    pkill: killing pid 532 failed: Operation not permitted

    kill hyperion (appears)
    -bash: kill: hyperion: arguments must be process or job IDs

    Then with (hyperiond -v --resetPassword)
    hyperion MAIN: <ERROR> The Hyperion Daemon is already running, abort start.

    Hello Lord Gray, thank you very much for your reply.
    I'm sorry but this is the first installation I have and I still don't understand it very well.

    hyperiond -v --resetPassword

    when I insert the following line ... or any other with the command "hyperiond" I get the following message.

    hyperion MAIN: <ERROR> The Hyperion Daemon is already running, abort start.

    Can you help me?
    Thank you.

    Hello I forgot the password for the LOGIN of the Hyperion platform with the Hyperbian system.
    Is it possible to RESET or recover this passowd from the command line via ssh?

    Is there another option?