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    i'm currently building my ambilight setup and it worked great out of the box. My setup is currently a Windows PC with the hyperion Server on it which connects to a NodeMCU with WLED on it. The problem is that the capturing only works on the Windows PC. Now i want to extend it so that i have a HDMI Switch with a Splitter after it to have one Lane to the TV and one to a USB Grabber. With my current research i didn't find if the UTVF007 grabbers work under windows and/or if there are any digital alternatives to capture frames (especially bc the tv is receiving a 4k signal) or do i have to take a raspberry pi which grabs the signal and sends it to the hyperion server?
    One option would be to just play the input from any video grabber inside VLC or OBS and have hyperion-qt capture it from the screen but would be cool if there is another alternative

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