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    I realized I should of posted a verbose log level, for clarity.

    Is it normal for the logs to omit the Wifi SSID and password?

    I do have the SSID and password correctly set in ConfigStatic.h.


    Hello all,

    I have a NodeMcu ESP8266 ES-12E board that I use with the ESP8266 Hyperion LED Controller library. It works very well. And in constructing one pixel bar, it peaked my curiosity in how far I could Bling my Hyperion setup.

    So I ordered a bunch of Wemos d1 mini's. In anticipation of fabricating a bunch of remote pixel bar's. However I'm unable to get them to work and could use some advise please.

    The sketch I used for the Wemos is the exact same I've used with the 12E board without problems. However it not working properly on the Wemos. The output from the serial console just loops this:

    I'm lost and seeking some expert advise please. As I'm out of my league and my Google-Fu is failing me.

    Many thanks.

    So sadly I was unable to find a way to have Hyperion work with my Mythtv setup natively under Linux, with the Hyperion's internal framebuffer grabber. It worked somewhat, however not where it counted, wile watching video content.

    So I went with the hdmi splitter, converter Etc. and it's working very well.

    Thanks for helping me "Bling" my media center team Hyperion and all who contributed and shared.


    Ok, you don't use a "sketch" so ignore that bit. Still check the " "colorOrder" : " setting in the config file. I'm not sure what it the correct value it for your type of LED's.

    It almost sounds as if you have something else sending the rainbow swirl other then Hyperion. Maybe during you testing you where trying something that auto-starts at boot?

    hope it helps

    I'm no expert. However, I do see a potential problem. You wrote that you have

    I have 254 leds in my setup

    Yet in your .config file you have "#define MAX_LEDS 260". that should match your LED count.

    You have to triple check your wiring. People cant help with wiring trouble, above advise that is.

    I hope it helps.

    Thank you.

    You reminded me of the fact that the hd-pvr has a delay. I don't think it be good for a Hyperion setup.

    And I'm having problems getting any video at all with it. A simple "cat /dev/video0 > testvid" results in a IO error, If i remember correctly, the hd-pvr is picky about what chipset's your using it with. and it may be the usb hub. However, I've spent the better of today on this and I'm cutting my losses and ordering a easycap and call it solved.

    Many thanks

    I'm trying to setup a USB video capture device. a Hd-pvr 1212 by Hauppauge, on a Rpi B v1. The OS see the device on /dev/video0 and when I call : v4l2-ctl –all, it returns:

    However when starting Hyperion, it fail to start with the following log error:

    I've been googling around for a remedy to no avail. I did however, find and which does have some info on the error and a patch fix being issued. But my Hyperion is complaining with ( what(): '/dev/video0' does not support streaming i/o ERROR ).

    I'm a bit stuck at this point and could use some advise please.

    Many thanks.

    I found if I had set the "serialRate" at 115200 or lower in my .INO "sketch" it seemed choppy.

    I now have it set to 500000. It seems more responsive now.

    Also don't forget to mirror the setting in your hyperion.config.json, the "rate" setting.

    Hope it helps.