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RPi + Other Software [Hyperion NG] Strange Flicker with UTV007 after some minutes

Discussion in 'Software Support' started by Danos, 11 October 2019.

  1. Danos

    Danos New Member

    Hi Folks,

    I am using Hyperion NG on a Raspi 3B with Raspbian Buster and a Lightberry 4K (which is for some reason not available anymore). The last part in the processing flow of the Lightberry 4K is sending the signal through a UTV007 grabber, so this should be similar to a UTV007 that is connected to the Raspberry.

    When I start running Hyperion NG, everything works fine, but after some minutes, I get strange artifacts in the grabbed video. I thought of this as a hardware issue, but (a) the Grabber does not show these artifacts when connected to a Windows PC running OBS and (b) if I hook up a PS Eye Webcam from a PS3 to the Raspi, I am getting no artifacts at all. Thus, it seems like a software issue between Hyperion and V4L2 (?)...

    Here's a video of how the feed looks directly after starting hyperiond:

    And this is what it looks like after some minutes:

    Don't wonder - LEDs are shut off for now (but are wired to the Raspberry, WS2812b using SPI)

    Where can I find the config file for hyperion ng, so I can post it? Apparently, there is no /etc/hyperion folder, while the /home/pi/hyperion is only a copy of the github repository (?)

    Thanks for any advice :)
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