HDMI colors different from Color Picker

  • Hey guys sorry if this has been solved earlier but couldn't seem to find a similar issue posted anywhere.

    So I'm kinda new to Hyperion but I had a build working for a while before my original grabber died on me. I bought a new UTVF007(all I could find) and used the "no-change" workaround in my config file. But ever since after that my HDMI screen cap flipped the blue and red channels. I can fix it by changing the RGB color order but then my color picker is wrong and flips the blue and red channels.

    Does anyone know a solution for this?

  • Yea I tried every option on the list to fix it. So if I use the BGR option the Color Picker works correctly, blue=blue,red=red, green=green, but then using the grabber it will switch the blue and red channels for some reason. And if I use the RGB option the grabber shows the right colors, blue=blue,red=red, green=green, but now on the Color Picker the blue and red channels are switched.

    It worked perfectly the first time I set it up with the UTV007 chip

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