• S.O.S hyperion.ng in Raspberry 4, neither Libreelec nor Raspbian does not light any led, can you help me? thanks.

  • Hello, I have installed Hyperion NG and I do not know how to configure it from 192.1681.75: 8090, it is not necessary to generate a file and upload it to the rapsberry I need a little help thanks.

  • First, make sure you have hyperion.ng setup correctly. You can follow my tutorial if you want: https://hyperion-project.org/t…alpha-as-a-service.10496/

    You would need to configure your setup using the web GUI. I have 222 APA102 LEDs mounted around my TV. I have connected them to my Raspberry Pi 2 using tutorials that are easy to find here.

    My config looks like this:

    With the generated configuration that looks like this:

  • Well thanks, I already followed your tutorial like TPmodding, and it works, (but not with 4k) any solution?

  • I use a different grabber on a different system, and I remember from the old days that there have always been issues with hyperion and 4k. I haven't tested that on my old system. Maybe it can help to switch grabbers?

  • You must use a grabber. The grabber grabs the picture in order to decide the LED color. If you use a USB solution, you have an external grabber, and you would need to configure that.

  • How do you capture the image? I am running Kodi on an Odroid C2 (RPI alternative), and Hyperion.ng also runs on the Odroid. I therefore do not have any external electronics to actually capture the image. You see some people that have an external solution. They connect their HDMI signal using an HDMI splitter/HDMI2AV converter. Do you have your HDMI cable going into an external box OTHER than your TV, and connect that box to the raspberry pi?

  • No, I was referring to what I have to do once I click on the usb of rapsberry, how is it configured in hyperion ng? or just click and hyperion detects it? do I have to edit a file and put something?

  • Now I'm really confused. Do you have an external case to capture the video signal, or are you planning to capture the video internally on the raspberry pi itself?

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