Hyperion.ng SmartThings Device Handler

  • I couldn't find any SmartThings device handlers that worked with instances with Hyperion.ng so I made my own. Thought I would share to save anyone in the future some time.

    This device handler can disable/enable a specific instance in Hyperion.ng, set any color, set the brightness, change the scene(aka effect), clear animations, and enable/disable LED and USB Components Control.

    Add this device handler in your Smartthings IDE. Create a new device with the above device handler. In the preferences add the IP address, and port (19444 by default) of your Hyperion.ng controller. You'll also have to set the priority level (default 50) and the Instance # (not the instance name). Instance # starts at 0 and is in order in 'General settings > LED Hardware Instance Management' on your Hyperion.ng webpage.

    By default the scenes are populated with the included Hyperion effects. You can add your own to any of the available 50 scenes. Effects are case sensitive. You can also use webCore to call a custom scene using setSceneCustom(String). All main functions are in available in webCore as well.

    This version doesn't have any feedback so if you're adjusting on the web browser or anywhere else it will get out of sync with SmartThings.


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