Random LEDs come on

  • I have a strange problem where after the HyperBian boot sequence of lights or after "Power Off" action is chosen from Hyperion app on Android, not all of the LEDs go out, it is different LEDs each time (see pics).

    The LEDs all behave correctly for any chosen colour or effect.

    If I create an "effect" where all LEDs are set to rgb(0,0,0), they all go out, so I know they are controlling "off" correctly.
    However once the effect timeout is reached random LEDs come back on again.

    Any ideas?

    (Latest HyperBian, Pi Zero WH, 34 x WS2801 LEDs, 5A PSU)

  • Is your pi being powered via USB or via your power supply?

    If you do other effects once it's booted do they respond as well? What happens after you then stop like the build in "led test"?

  • Hey, how do u solve the problem? i have the same problem. I programmed a scirpt that send a remote command to turn off the hyperion instance if my tv is off. and after a time, random 1-16 leds go on. I have powered the rpi and leds with the same psu.

  • Which type of LEDs are you using?

    I have a smiliar issue when I plug in power.

    How does your setup looks like? I guess it's caused by unstable signals during power-up.
    Is the pi still powered, the interface enabled?

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