Philips Ambilight (on TVs) vs. Hyperion in terms of effect (your opinion)

  • I have installed a Hyperion setup on my old Samsung 48 inch LCD and I am quite happy with the results and effect. I am however starting to look around for an 65 inch OLED and I took a look at the Philips offering. Looking at the back we see very few LEDs and when the effect is viewed, the ambilight tends to be more spread and have a less "dense" view than on my set with the Hyperion.

    The reason for this is of course how Philips angle the LEDs and where they are positioned. With my Hyperion setup the lighting feels more of an extension of the LED while the Philips (in my mind) has more of a "ambient" character like a pastel flow of colors.

    I am not sure which one I prefer, but I do know that I am interested in attaching my lightstrip on an angle to extend the lights, get more spread, and I will probably be closer to the Ambilight, but with more definition from my 30 LED strip. I then wonder, how well does an 60 LED strip work in terms of reproduction of colors and density ?

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

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