Hue Bridge as source?

  • Hi all. So, I know that the Hue Bridge is supported as an output device for Hyperion NG. However, the Hyperion android app is not the ideal solution for my setup - and Hyperion isn't picking up the app as a source for my Philips Hue config instance anyway.

    I would like to know, does anyone know a software or hardware solution to use the Hue Bridge (and thus the Hue android app) as a source for Hyperion, in the same way the Hyperion app does? It would be preferable not the poll the Hue Bridge constantly for light updates too.

    The two other solutions I can think of so far are:
    1 - polling for light updates (not great) using the Hue API and then somehow converting that into JSON commands for Hyperion
    2 - using some kind of smart switch to switch LED input between the RaspPi 2B with Hyperion and a Zigbee controller (that Hue will see as a light)
    But I still don't think those would be as viable as using Hue as a Hyperion source.

    Any help appreciated!

  • Thanks for the suggestion!

    I looked at wLED when first setting up Hyperion. I didn't have a reason to need it at the time, but I guess I didn't pay enough attention to notice it works with Hue. It might just well fix my issue, so I'll look into it thoroughly. :')

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