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  • Hi, I found this project because I was originally just looking at the bias lighting kits on amazon but wondered if there was a way to DIY Ambilight style lighting, I'm happy to find that there is!

    I have bought a HDMI loop which another user has stated works in another thread on here, a lot of the tutorials refer to the 3 pin WS2812B but I've read that these are not the best option if you are planning to utilise the GPIO or SPI pins on the Rpi due to timing issues.

    I'm struggling to find any of the other recommended LEDs for a reasonable price in the UK, I would rather do it right first time, but not if it involves twice the cost.

    Another issue is that the 3pin corner connectors don't seem to be very readily available and/or are unreliable, I would rather not mess around soldering the corners if I can avoid it.

  • your on the right track @cspiby i was in your situation and went for the WS2812B purely on availability in the uk, I ran them directly on the GPIO - was still blown away with the outcome, then i tried the Micro Pro with the same LEDS and yeah even more awesome, yes they may not be as awesome as 4 wire leds but are still very good and popular - suppose it all depends on the amount of LEDS as well.

    If soldering is an issue you could look into other methods, take the 3 pin connector at the LEDS, you could use breadboard jumpers to a pre soldered ardruino uno board then yo do not need additional connectors or soldering, for the strips you could loop it https://hyperion-project.org/t…m-strip.11325/#post-33846 might not be the best but it would work and be easy and better than poor quality connections :thumbup:

    I found a lot of UK sellers on Ebay at good prices with 1-2 day delivery.

  • Thanks @davieboy

    My other question is, the back of my TV curves at the edges, should the strip be affixed to the actual rear rather than the side of the set?

    My TV isn't wall mounted but it's within a couple of feet of it.

    The stand runs along the bottom of the TV so would prevent the strip being placed there, do I just go either side of it?

  • depends on where it is at the wall - its all down to the angles on your setup, some position them at an angle to diffuse the light at certain points on the wall to diffuse and contain it,

    im at least 30cm from any wall and 80cm in the middle of the tv as its in a corner so I am more on the side/back of the tv rather than the sides and lighting up the walls at the side, then the full corner area - I went for 60/meter just to ensure i had enough light to light the wall.

    as long as you position both sides the same so that they are pointing towards the wall but within the size of the tv if that makes sense, you should be ok, maybe not the side but the start of the curve but really depends on your tv and wall id say, you could even power the strip up and sit on a few spots to get a better idea of where you like best.

    Yeah either side of it should be ok. Just remember to start at 1 of those sides first :thumbup:

  • cool, If the sole purpose is to use Plex, checkout Rasplex , Its not maintained and hasn't been for a while but man its still rock solid and better than most of the current newer UI versions, unsure if @Paulchen-Panther LibreELEC tutorial will work on it but well worth a shot if you like the look of it.

    Only mentioned it because you mentioned openelec and im sure that was based on the last revision of that or somewhere or the early version of Libreelec when they split ways, somewhere around that time anyway. Direct integration to plex and based on Kodi

    Using a newer LibreELEC build would be the safer route esp for getting Hyperion installed as you may run into some issues on the older buiids.

    Good Luck :thumbup:

  • Is there an inexpensive way to make a frame?

    be creative is the key,

    Sometimes out of your profession you get ideas or from others, what you can do is building from wood or pvc.
    i choose to do it with pvc tubing ( electrical tubes 5/8 and 3/4) made a frame from that and stick the ledstrip on top..
    so the leds is not pointed towards the wall but shining along the wall.

    you can do this, leds have a angle of 120 degrees that you can "play"with


  • What brackets are holding the pipe to the TV?

  • Can't find the bent pieces of conduit at any of my hardware shops, did you bend it yourself?

    No here in the Netherlands you use it to screw 2 wooden planks together or what not.

    They are in different sizes, mine is almost smallest size. When I have time I post a picture

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