PWM Now Missing from Controller Selection

  • I'm not sure what has happened, but I no longer have the RPI PWM option in the controller drop down. I have only a single instance and things were running fine. I've had the pi offline for a bit due to testing the requirement for a level shifter with an ESPixelStick.

    This morning after wiring up my level shifter I went back to trying to get the Pi setup to work, however as described above I have no PWM option.

    I've STF'd and STI (aka gave it a goog) and the only reference I've found is PWM can be missing if the hyperion daemon is not running as root. However, you can clearly see that is not the case:

    root@hyperion: ~ # ps aux | grep hyperiond [10:43:55]
    root 18362 9.0 1.8 807828 38096 ? Ssl 10:43 0:00 /usr/bin/hyperiond

    I've rebooted, restarted the daemon via systemctl, but no joy.

    Scratching my head..... I though I was close to wrapping this up with the level shifter, but alas was denied success yet again.

    Exported config attached. Happy to provide additional if required or helpful.

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