Issues with SK6812 RGBW

  • Hey there...

    So i bought a Raspberry pi 4 and some SK6812 RGBW LEDs. I connected them to the Raspberry pi (with a Level switcher from 3.3 to 5v) and set the Hyperion ng up. but when i run a test they just don´t work. You can see my settings below and i also tested the connections to see if they were broken but they are fine.

    i don´t know what to put in to the PWM and DNA Channels but they were set by default.

    Can someone help me?

  • hello! :)

    GPIO setting is wrong, ( 20 is for SPI 1)

    you can run the strip on SPI or PWM :)

    running on

    PWM, GPIO 18 (or 12)

    for PWM disable audio in config.txt


    running on

    SPI, GPIO 10 ( +11 CLK )

    for SPI >> activate SPI controller in config.txt


  • Hey...

    thanks for your answer... but sadly both of them didn´t work... i tried running it on the GPIO 18 and 12 with the disabled Audio in the config and it still didn´t work at all.

    I also tried the SPI (with the sk6812spi setting) but when i connect it to the GIPO 10 it just lights up white and not with the effect i chose

  • i haven´t got a extra controller for the LEDs... that´s why i wanted to use the PWM method... but that doesn´t work

    Hyperion WEbUI ledcontroller >> at section leds

    you can use PWM but probably you have to run Hyperion.NG under root.

    run hyperion as root only with this configuration (device 'ws281x) PWM

    you don't have this config because you try to steer sk6812 leds.

    for that you have to use the SPI controller then, PWM sk6812 is not in libraries of Hyperion.NG

    try the connection like this

    ( LV3 comes from GPIO10 in your case)

    ( LV4 and HV4 you dont use ofcourse)

    power and GND still remains the same for 3 or 4 wire ledstrip setups.

  • also check in remote section if the ledcontroller you selected is running, have to be green to be active

    i would choose the sk6812spi ledcontroller.

    check and alter your connections and try again :)

  • I installed as hyperbian directly on the SD card... i think i´m running it under root then.

    but can´t i controll my LEDs with PWM? i don´t want to buy an extra controller.

    Also my LEDs only have 3 wires (only one Data wire)

  • but can´t i controll my LEDs with PWM? i don´t want to buy an extra controller.

    guy, do you read my posts?

    the controller i mentioned several times is to select in Hyperion.NG

    you don't have to buy that, its already implemented in the software and hardware op the PI.

    No you can't controll your leds with PWM > Hyperion.NG doesn't have that in the libraries

    just use the SPI controller sk6812spi and connect the LV3 to GPIO10

    then reduce the baudrate of the spi controller to 2000000

  • So when i connect it like you said in the Picture and select the S6812 spi then the LEDs just all light up white... the led controller is running and i also changed the Baudrate to 2000000

  • okay,

    so now you know that the connections is probably okay and the ledcontroller is running.

    Check the connections of the PI and the ledstrip >> to solder on the pins is the best way to go

    make a good GND (ground)

    you probably didn't save ( or didn't make) the led config

    (exanple below)

    make your selection, save it like how your hardware setup is and reboot Hyperion.

    if everything is alright then you will see a rainbow startup on the leds.

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