Rpi hyperion to WLED extremely slow compared to linux install

  • Currently I run hyperion through ubuntu on hyperion-x11 and it has been awesome with only maybe 20ms lag with WLED

    I wanted to move to the rpi solution with usb capture and WLED so i can catpure my shield and xbox X and have come up with a few problems which someone might be able to help with.

    I got a

    • rpi 3
    • 2 port hdmi splitter with 4k /60 4:4:4 HDR support brand : PORTTA (with downscaler)
    • usb video capture device.
    • setup WFI ( i might end up plugging in the rpi to see if that makes a difference)

    I have setup Hyperion alpha 9. Set it up for WLED and it works (Not sure if i should be using my old updraw UDP or the new WLED option in Hyperion for WLED)

    It works I get all the LEDS light up etc etc. The issue comes when i start usb capture, for my HTPC it works (4k /60) but there is a lag of about 300ms. I am assuming it could be an issue with the usb capture resolution (I don't know how to change this in Hyperion) when i start the xbox X the lights go dark then come up with a half rainbow effect So i am not sure if thats a xbox thing or not, I don't really want to go wired for hyperion as it works good with x-11 as it is.

    What else could i try to get the htpc and xbox x working with hyperion without massive lags.

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  • I ended up fixing it. When I managed to get the capture res down to 640x480 or 800x600 the xbox worked and the i adjusted smoothing and we down to under 30ms again. Thanks me!

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