Newbie hardware issue - Need help

  • Hi guys,

    I was wondering if someone could help me with my issue.

    It's been a week since I started this project and I really tried to troubleshoot myself with no success so far.

    I've been looking over the different threads in the forum but wasn't able to find anything that could fix me.

    First my setup:

    -WS2812B (5m / 60 LED per meter) ws281x is set in the hardware config page

    -RPI 2b with Hyperbian successfully installed and connected

    -PSU 5v 12amp

    I've plugged my firestick to a video capture card (HDMI in) , the usb goes straight to the RPI and i can see the feed in the config page :thumbup:

    RPI is powered via USB (not connected to the PSU)

    The green cable from LED strip is connected to GPIO 18

    The LED strip is powered with the PSU and the LED show some random colors that clearly dont reflect what the firestick is showing :(

    This my issue. No matter what, even if I try some effects on the config page, the LED are showing more or less the same colors.

    What did I miss, what did I do wrong?

    Thanks in advance !!!

    If that can help, here is my settings file

    Hyperion-2.0.0-alpha.9-Backup (My Hyperion Config)

  • It sounds like you're not connecting the ground from your Pi to your LED strip. If you're using a barrel jack connector, you can connect a dupont cable (same type as the one that's connecting the GPIO18 pin to the data pin on the LED strip) for this. What I'm doing is one side of the cable goes into a ground GPIO pin, the other side goes inside the barrel jack, this was a little tricky at first but I ended up twisting the LED strip's ground wire around the dupont pin.

  • Think I'm having the same issue. (also a newbie trying to this working.) What did you need to do to get it working? Add

    another ground wire?

    Nevermind. I added a ground wire from pin 9 to the leds and that fixed everything. thanks

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