My Simple advice

  • Hi,

    My First post!

    My current setup is a Coreelec running on a Odroid N2, with the add-on. A USB cable then to a Arduino uno and this controls the WS2811 leds around the 60" TV and all it work fine, I really like it.

    Everything I watch goes though the Coreelec running on a Odroid N2.

    I see a lot of people using things like Raspberry pi, capture cards, a camera etc.

    I guess my question is, is there any advantage to using the other hardware?

    or should I just keep doing what I am doing..

    Thank you :/

  • I don't know much aboue Coreelec, but i would agree with above, if you have a working system you like, stick with it. From my perspective the advantage to using a Pi like i do is that i can take the output from my stereo receiver which has all my other inputs (Apple TV, Xbox, External Link) and send it to the pi to process on its own from a hdmi to USB input.

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