PicCap - Hyperion Sender App | Ambilight for LG WebOS TVs

  • Hello, i have piccap working with hyperhdr-webos working. But i dont know why it has some kind of 'lag' (0.5ms) when displays the colors.

    My LG info is:

    "board_type": "K5LP_ATSC",

    "hardware_id": "HE_DTV_W19P_AFADATAA",

    "product_id": "43UM7360PSA",

    "core_os_release": "4.9.7-17",

    "webos_manufacturing_version": "05.30.40"

    And my hardware is a esp8266.

    When i use hyperion from my pc and use the capture monitor config, the lights works like a charm.

    Also if i try to connect the piccap to my pc hyperion, it detect as flatbuffer server (i know this is ok) but the lag is still there.

    Any suggest?

    Thanks, regards.

    nvm, i solved it through ethernet cable on the tv. Seems i have some wifi issue.


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  • Hello,

    I'm currently looking into switching my Ambilight setup, which is currently still running on a discontinued "Dreamscreen" solution via scaler on the 2nd HDMI output of my AVR, to a WebOS+Piccap+ESP32WLED solution.

    The only limitations I have at the moment are that of course no internal TV works with Ambilight and externally fed HDR is displayed with pale colors on the Ambilight.

    This is my question: Since both SDR and HDR content is displayed via the TV, is this automatically recognized/considered somewhere in Piccap or in Hyperion or in WLED or do I have to change a setting manually in one of the programs depending on the SDR/HDR/DV picture mode so that the LEDs show the same good colour reproduction?

    I once had an insight into an implementation with HyperHDR, which had a tone mapping function that I believe had to be switched On or Off depending on the SDR or HDR content, or had to be triggered via a script.

    Surely there is already more successful experience with Piccap here!

  • hallihallo

    i am running piccap 0.23 on a LG OLED C9 and would like to update to current 0.43 piccap.

    in the past i have tried updating the backend only to test out new versions of hyperion-webos but the results were never as good as the old version (which is not w/o issues either)

    so my question:

    Is anyone running latest piccap (+ latest backend) on a B9/C9 successfully and could share settings (quirks) ?

    That'd be much appreciated. thanks!

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