Hyperion Live Capture stuck on LibreElec Boot Screen

  • Hey. Trying to get a Hyperion setup working on a Raspberry Pi 3B+, using 5V WS2812B Lights. I am running LibreELEC 10.0.2, and Hyperion 2.0.12. My goal is to use my Raspberry Pi with Kodi, and use the same device to send data to the lights.

    Currently, Live Capture doesn't work. Whenever I try to see a live image of the image capture, I just see the libreELEC boot logo (Image attached). Everything else works great. I can choose preset lighting and change it right from my phone. Using a 10A power supply to power it, and it's wired right to my Pi's GPIO18. I'm just stumped on the frozen LibreELEC capture. The goal is to keep Kodi on the Pi and not use a capture card with another Pi/Fire Stick.

    Attached are the settings on Hyperion, and also the config file I got from HyperCon. Thank you.


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