"Hyperion On" using Alexa?

  • Currently, I have to access the Hyperion Web Interface on my cell phone to turn my Hyperion LEDs on. It would be nice to activate LEDs via my Alexa setup.

    My typical cable box output goes direct to one HDMI input on my TV. While my gaming device and a ROKU box go through a HDMI switch before the capture/Pi Hyperion combo and, finally, to a TV HDMI input.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Is there a better way?

  • I would suggest cable box, Roku, games, any other input, to a switch, then the switch output to a splitter, one side to the tv other to video capture card. This way you get led with every input. I just started searching for the Alexa solution for myself, will post when I find it.

  • I understand this is old post, but for what it is worth, I setup a custom "Alexa skill" that turns off the power supply that powers the actual LEDs and I let the pi run all the time. I also setup a weekly automatic reboot job for the pi.

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