Help with Flickering - PicCap, Hyperion NG, WLED, 77" TV, at my wits end

  • I cannot figure out my flickering problem, it happens mostly when all of the LEDs are active and when there is a lot of white. This is my set-up:

    PSU: Mean Well LRS-100-5 90W 5V 18A

    LEDs: SK6821 - around 3.25 meters:

    WLED Controller: QuinLED-Dig-Uno v3 - ESP32 based board -…ller-w-wled-preassembled/

    TV: LG GX - 77" OLED


    5v +: I have the 5v power going to the screw connector in on the QuinLED, then out of the output screw connector to both ends of the LED strip. I am using the usual black click connectors that come with the LEDs and 3-way WAGO clip to connect them.

    5v Ground; I have the ground output on the QuinLED connect to 5v- 1 on the PSU, and the ground wires from both ends of the LED strip (using the direct wires not the black clip) connected to a WAGO and then the 2nd 5v - on the PSU. I tried connecting both LED ground wires to the output ground screw connector on the QuinLED but that didnt help so I decided to skip the QuinLED screw connection that are small and hook them directly to the PSU.

    Data: connected to the LED1 data screw connector on the QuinLED.

    Software: Almost all settings in WLED and Hyperion.NG are the default except for the LED counts per side and selecting sk6821.

    Piccap: Also all default

    The live video feed in hyperion looks fine and does not flicker at all.

    The colors of the LEDs match the stream and look great.

    It mostly flickers when ALL of the LEDs are active and not 100% of the time. Usually it gets bad when the scene is changing fast. Also notice it it more intense when there are more white LEDs.

    Would love some help with figuring this out.

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