Hyperion Remote has stopped connecting from external devices

  • I've had my setup for several years now. I have one instance on my TV and another built into my couch rail that gets its info forwarded from the TV instance. I've also been able to manage both manually leveraging the remote app on my phone and through the web extension. Recently I had a power outage that reset everything which usually has no effect. However this time my couch rail stopped working and the remote no longer connects. For some reason, the TV's pi unchecked the "forwarder" so i was able to get the lights back to working on the couch rail, but the remote will still not connect to either instance.

    I keep getting "unable to connect to server". I've double-checked the ports and IP addresses and they are correct. I've checked on the pi themselves and the ports are open. I am able to ssh into my Pi and trigger the remote from the terminal. I just can't get the actual apps to connect to the Pi. Any ideas of what happened and how to fix?

  • Hyperion Version?

    More Info please. ;)

    regards pclin

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