Govee Light Integration?

  • Hey guys, long time lurker, first time commenting

    now that GOvee's Implemented an "outside" API system for their wifi lights, I bought some to try and get to work with Hyperion.

    - Lights I purchased

    Govee API - Link

    I got my api Key from Govee and am trying to integrate myself, but i've made 0 progress, Im totally new to this stuff,

    if anyone has a look at the api link with the instruction set, and can shoot a pointer for where I can start to try, I'd love any help I can get!

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    Before starting coding, I would suggest you try sending command via a REST tool to the device to see, if command work as expected.
    You could use a REST Plugin for your browser or POSTMAN.

    Besides this page 4 of the API documentation is your best friend.

    Note that Govee devices seems only allow 10 updates per minute, i.e. every 6 seconds one update which is 1/6fps.

    If you would like having an "real" ambienlight experience, those devices are just not fit for purpose.
    A Govee device as an addition to a primary LED strip, they might be ok...
    In addition, all commands seem to run via the Govee Cloud, which mean that you cannot run them without internet connection in your local network.

    If you still want trying, I happy to tell you where start in the code....

    Edit: Looking further in the Web, it seems that there is also a local LAN API, too

    That works quite similar to Yeelight, but using an UDP server rather than a TCP one for the respionses . So you could start there...

  • Thank you so much!

    It's definitely an addition to my lighting setup,

    Running on my lg qned with an esp8266 driving my light strips!

    I will try this further this week and post progress!

  • So I have been looking to integrate my govee strips into Hyperion since I'm using some hue play bars and hue bulbs currently.

    I've come to the conclusion that I'm just going to cut the govee controller off the strip and just use a new controller and setup WLED. I think it's a much better way of doing things than trying to integrate govees software.

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