Problem with and PicCap on LG OLED WebOS tv...:(

  • Hello all...

    I'm trying to get it to work on my LG OLED B9 55" tv but without success :(


    4m ws2812b (60 led/meter) led strip;

    Wled 0.14.0-b1 installed on a Node Mcu v3 CP2102 (running without any problem);

    5v 10amp PSU;

    The TV is rooted and Homebrew installed with the following apps:




    HyperHDR enable enabled

    PicCap started (capturing)

    But when I return to the image on the TV I got some wired thin black stripes on the upper part of the tv LCD and the leds from the stripe are turned ON but not capturing the colours of the TV :(

    Led count and configuration on are ok and the communication with WLED confirmed...

    Any tip about what could be the issue or perhaps can you tell me the configs you have on the tv apps and WLED so I can compare with mine?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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