Samsung TV + Phillips Hue Sync TV-App as source signal for Hyperion possible?

  • Hi Folks,

    I've just bought an 98" Samsung TV that also has the Phillips Hue Sync TV-App available (the App does the same as the Hue Sync Box, but is installed on the TV).

    So I thought about getting the Hue Sync Gradient things, but due to the disadvantages of this solution I came across the Hyperion-Solution which I think is much better than the Hue-Solution.

    But there is obviously one disadvantage of Hyperion when it comes to internal Apps or TV that you can view directly on the TV. Hyperion will only work with external devices.

    So I thought if it might be possible to use the Hue Sync App on the TV, together with a Hue Bridge and somehow capture the Ambient light data out of the Hue bridge to feed the Hyperion-Software with the picture or Ambient light informations. Do you think this might be possible? Or is Hue not "open" enough to capture this data?

    I do not own a Hue-Bridge or anything at the moment, but I think for all (future) Samsung TV-owners that are able to get the App on their TVs, this would be the best solution. You would be able to have Ambient light for all internal Apps or TV-Shows etc. So basically every picture you display on the screen.

    Thank you for your oppinion on this!

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