Hyperion Android Grabber Images Greater Than 1080 Result in Green LEDs

  • Hi all

    This is my first post. Apologies in advance for any mistakes I may make.

    My setup consists of a r3a+ running the latest version of HyperBian, NodeMCU Lua running WLED to drive my ws2812b LED strip & Hyperion Android Grabber on my TCL C745 to capture the content.

    I'm having an issue where all of my LED's are green when I play any content in 4k. What I am watching does not have any DRM. So that cannot be the issue. Any content I watch in 1080 or lower works flawlessly. I've scoured the web for a solution however they refer to it being an issue with a HDMI splitter setup which obviously doesn't apply to the setup I am using. I am yet to find something to give me an idea on what to troubleshoot. I have played around with some random settings in the Hyperion configurator to no avail.

    When viewing the live video in LED Visualisation, 4k content is not displayed. I believe that HAG is more than likely the culprit here. I am at a loss here as to how to fix this. Any tips on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

  • Freddy-x

    Changed the title of the thread from “Hyperion Android Grabber Images greater than 1080 Result in Green LEDs” to “Hyperion Android Grabber Images Greater Than 1080 Result in Green LEDs”.

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