New hyperion user getting the problem hardware revision is not supported

  • Hello guys,

    I'm currently trying to build my ambilight with hyperion and an RPi 3 a+. But only 3 led's are turning white, the 4th is yellow and all others are off...

    I'm getting the following error in the log of hyperion:

    2023-12-27T22:05:33.834Z [WEBSOCKET] (DEBUG) (JsonAPI.cpp:1597:handleLedDeviceCommand()) response: [{"devices":[],"isUserAdmin":true,"ledDeviceType":"ws281x"}]2023-12-27T22:05:57.209Z [LEDDEVICE|First LED Hardware instance] (DEBUG) (LedDevice.cpp:140:enable()) Enable device ws281x'2023-12-27T22:05:57.210Z [LEDDEVICE|First LED Hardware instance] (ERROR) Device disabled, device 'ws281x' signals error: 'Failed to open. Error message: Hardware revision is not supported'

    Is there something I have done wrong?

    These are my leds:

    As other recommendations in this forum were about the nightly build, i installed this with the same outcome.

    Thank you for any help!!

  • Edit:
    So as I found out my RPi 3 A+ Revision is not supported in the ws281x library currently.

    There is a pull request with the fix:

    Add support for Pi 3 Model A Plus Rev 1.1 by presinnovation · Pull Request #531 · jgarff/rpi_ws281x
    This builds and runs successfully on Raspberry Pi Model A Plus Rev 1.1

    Can I install somehow the fix on my own?

    Thanks for all the help!

    Danke für die Hilfe :)

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