Hyperion build vs Lytmi Fantasy 3

  • Hi! First-time poster in these forums here -- do let me know if I should've started this thread in a different sub! :)

    I've been meaning to get a bias lighting for my tv and am a bit overwhelmed with all the potential options and caveats.

    Background: I got a 4K 65" Sony Bravia tv with most content (NAS-stored films and Netflix) coming from an nVidia Shield (planning to add some consoles, too).

    At the moment my thoughts are Philips Hue is out of the question since it's really expensive. I've been wondering if I should get a Lytmi Fantasy 3 or go with Hyperion and build it all myself, since I think cost-wise they won't be that far off.

    Are there any drawbacks to one or the other with these approaches? Will I be missing out on anything if I go with either one of those?

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