Can I use 600 LED's - 10 mtrs of 60 LED/Mtr?

  • Hi all, I have tried searching but not able to find a definitive answer, I'm using a Pi 4 and would like to use 600 LED's, I understand that I'd need approx 40amps to supply enough power, but is Hyperion/Pi4 able to control 600 Leds?

    I've successfully tested a 5mtr 60 led/mtr strip with a single 5v 20 amp PSU, but I want to double the length/number of LEDs, or should I just get 30 led/mtr to keep the total LEDs at 300?

    My plan would be to power the LED strip from both ends with a 2x 5v 20amp PSU's

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    i would suggest to power every 1m

  • you can't use 2 separate PSU on the same strip if it's not in 2 pieces in the middle.

    The only way you can is to cut the V+ Vin.

    What I would do: use 5mtr strip and power this with PSU1 head/tail

    Do this again with strip 2 and PSU2.

    So: location where strip 1 ends.. You connect the beginning of 2 but only solder the data 1 on 1 from strip 1 to strip 2 !!

    GND from both PSU you connect together

    I have 300 leds, 60L/m and I powered with only 1 PSU begin/middle/end.

    Why middle? Because I had power drop and leds where yellowish in the middle and not full bright white.

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  • Thanks for the replies.

    So there's no issue with the Pi/Hyperion being able to control/send data to 600 LED's, just need to make sure I power the LED's correctly.

    When I've tested all 300 leds powered from just one end I haven't noticed any issues with loss of power or dim LED's.

  • you can extend the SPI bus buffer to maximum, so I think yes you can do that.

    Ledstrips and characteristics will differ, I have the HD107s leds running on SPI0.

    Each setup is different.

    Don't forget to ground your Raspi to the PSU and ledstrips.


  • Hello!

    Adding my two-cents in case it helps: I also think 600 LEDs would be fine. It's my understanding that within the SPI bus buffer size limits, the number of LEDs is largely a hardware limitation and an rPi 4 should be powerful enough.

    Although I'm not running 600 LEDs, my current setup is 490 LEDs (ws6812 RGBW)+ 4 Philips Hue bulbs with an rPi 4 (2GB) and I have no issues with it. Before this, I was using 490 ws2812b LEDs with an rPi 3A and that also worked fine. I know that isn't a definitive answer but that experience leads me to believe an rPi 4 is plenty capable of driving 600 LEDs.

    In both cases I soldered my LED strips together to make one continuous ~8.2 meter strip and have power injected at 4 places evenly spaced (5V 60A PSU powers everything).


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