Firestick + Kodi + Raspi

  • Setup:

    Firestick with Kodi Nexus

    Kodi has these add-ons installed:



    Hyperion Control auto-detected my Hyperion server

    In Hyperion Ambilight I've set the Hyperion server's IP address for PROTO to the raspi's IP - the same IP Hyperion Control auto-detected

    I've got a raspi 3b+ running Hyperion, and ran this command:

    sudo updateHyperionUser -u root

    so the LEDs can be controlled by the Pi

    I would like for Kodi to send screen grab of what i'm watching to hyperion (raspi) via WiFi so the LEDs can match the tv screen. The lights I'm using are BTF-Lightning WS2812B.

    My understanding is that Hyperion server should recognize Kodi as the source automagically(?), but that's not happening:

    And thus my lights aren't even turning on.

    How can I get Hyperion to get data from Kodi so this setup will work?

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