Intel Based PC - LibreElec - Arduino - WS2812B LEDs Setup

  • Hi All

    I set my ambilight system up a while ago using Boblight, Now I am looking to set it up again using Hyperion.

    My current setup is;

    Intel PC running LibreElec --> Arduino --> WS2812B Led strip

    I started following this guide…-ws2801-ws2812b-apa102.8/ and uploaded the arduino code and the lights correctly flash red-green-blue. Then I got a bit confused, can i just plug the arduino directly into the USB port of my PC running LibreElec or does it need to go through a raspberry pi and then to the arduino.

    Intel PC LibreElec -> RPi -> Arduino -> WS2812B Led Strip

    I tried installing Hyperion onto my LibreElec using Hypericon and I can get as far as to change the colour of the LEDs live using the Color wheel on the SSH tab but it wont grab the image on the screen.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • So after a lot of reading on the internet it seems it may be possible to connect the arduino to my HTPC through USB. As far as I can tell I should be using the internal frame grabber. When I power on Kodi the arduino test light sequence starts followed by the boot effect. I am able to change the colour using the colour wheel in HyperCon SSH and also the iPhone app.

    My Arduino Sketch

    My JSON file

    And my Log File

    Any ideas?


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