Cut middle of LED stripe

  • Hi there,

    I managed to get a testing set-up working!
    But, as my APA102 LED stripe has both a connector at the beginning and the end, i was wondering if it's OK to cut the middle part of the strip and get rid of the LED's I don't need? In that case I don't need to solder the end of the strip..

    Is that possible? Or are they sort of numbered?

  • Thanks a lot for your quick reply!
    I noticed that the LEDs flicker a little bit when there are transitions of hyperion. For example when pulling brightness from 100% to 20% they flicker a little bit (only) in the transition. What could that be?

  • Lots of possible causes for flickering.

    Long data wires between controller and led's, the shorter the wire the stronger the signal will be and less possibility picking up electrical interference.

    Employing the use of a level shifter to bump up the data voltage could work very well with long runs of led's. Shorter runs can work well without.

    That's my top picks for any type of flickering.
    Search for flicker/ing, some posts will contain more info.

    Hope it's of help.

  • I always have had bad luck and problems with those connectors. They do not grip the strip very well.

    How's your soldering skills?

    Soldering the corners. That would be the best.
    Then you can easily add power to the corners as well. If needed.

  • Haha, i've bought new corner connectors with wires instead of the white corners, that made all leds lighten up.
    Now I've got a weird thing. See attached a paused frame. My grabber shows perfect calibrated colors. But, my LEDs on the left hand side were red instead of green?!
    I don't know what I've done wrong because RGB byte order is already set to BGR, and when selecting green color in the app or SSH colorpicker it's perfectly green. All other colors are perfectly balanced.
    Any thoughts? It happens more often that a color is wrongly chosen.

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