S905D3 Hyperion.NG stuttering with refresh rate of approx 5hz

  • See sample video (included in download)

    Khadas VIM 3L & Khadas Vim 1
    Hyperion.NG version 9.2.101 (on both devices)
    --> Config Exported from Vim1 and Imported to Vim3L

    CoreElec 9.2.0 final (on both devices)
    (only difference Vim3L=installed on eMMC <=> Vim1= boot from SD)

    ==> Of course I can send logs (if you tell me how) ;-)

    I would really like to switch to my new Khadas Vim 3L (S905D3 chipset), but hyperion is somehow broken (see video)

    THANKS in advance for your support!

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