Backup Up Working Settings

  • Hi

    Ive been using hyperion ambilight daily now for nearly a year, firstly with a set of ws2801's which i quickly switched out to a set of apa102's on a pi3 running rasplex.

    I used hypercon to set everything up and use the hyperion screen cap software to run the lights day to day (from a htpc running plex home theater).

    I am trying to back everything up that i have on the pi in case i need to set it all up again. When i configured everything i used the save option to save the config but trying to load that back in does not look correct (for one it doesnt load the correct ip of the pi, the wrong user, the wrong lights etc). I also have a copy of my hyperion.config.json which looks ok but id like to get the copies from source so i can be sure.

    Is there an easy way to get these? Ive tried ssh'ing into the pi but i dont know where to look for the active config file or even if i find it how to get a copy off the pi to a windows machine?

    If im correct in saying the .dat should show the correct values in hypercon which then creates the config.json whoch is sent to the pi.

    So even if my .dat is rubbish if i can get the in use config.json file from the pi i can just load that back on if needs be.


  • so i think ive found the config file on the pi
    (why doesnt .config show up when you ls in the storage folder)?
    no idea how to get a copy of the file though...

  • oh and i have 3 copies of the config file.
    hyperion.config - good.json

    i guess i created these when i was trying different settings. How would hyperion know which one to use or will only ever be using the main one?

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