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Developer invite and checklist for Hyperion.ng

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Rick164, 24 December 2017.

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  1. Rick164

    Rick164 Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    RPi2, +Arduino, +AtmoOrb

    Instead of bumping the old developer invite topic gonna post a new and list some of the things needed to get Hyperion.ng release ready.

    We still need more active developers to improve upon Hyperion.ng and finally make a public release for that happen, although it's working as a daily driver for some we have a few areas needing attention:

    - Plugin system needs attention and parts of core code converted to plugins (kodi stuff for instance)
    - Improve upon on the restart system, bit buggy due to Dispmanx
    - Multiple instance support and improvements, a lot of effort to get this going but doable
    - Improve our API interfaces and add proper documentation so developers can use it without have to go thru the trial and error route
    - Move Protobuf 2 interface to current Protobuf 3, making it future improve and avoid linking errors
    - Documentation / How to, not a full fledged one just a getting started guide at first

    These are just some broad points and probably forget a few things but @Brindosch feel free to expand :) , if anyone wants to join in can PM one of the @Administrative members or myself directly.

    Our last developer invite went well and we got some very talented developers but to make it to the finish line so to speak we could really use some extra hands and any is appreciated :thumbsup:
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.