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HyperCon Hyperion crashes when changing colour

Discussion in 'Software Support' started by gazm2k5, 1 March 2020.

  1. gazm2k5

    gazm2k5 New Member

    I put raspbian lite on an SD card. Booted it up on my RPi 1 Model B+. Enabled SSH, connected to Wifi network.

    I then connected from my PC to the Pi via SSH using HyperCon. I installed Hyperion. Created and uploaded this config:

    Started Hyperion, saw the rainbow swirl start up animation on the APA102 LEDs.

    When I try to choose a colour using the SSH Colorpicker, it crashes. Sometimes it sets the colour and then crashes, other times it just crashes. I have to reboot my pi to try again.

    The Pi is currently connected to my TV. It displays the bash command prompt, but goes black when it crashes (after I try to set LED colour)

    The HyperCon tool then gives the message "Session is down" and this huge dialog box:
    But I imagine that's just because the SSH connection is severed when the Hyperion Software on the RPi crashes.

    Log is here:

    I have set a static IP on my RPi to

    I want to use the windows screen grabber on my PC eventually, but at the moment just trying to get the basic colourpicker working.

    Is there anything I can try?
    Last edited: 3 March 2020